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Write for NPN

Do you have something to say? Is there an issue or problem that directly impacts you? Do you have a college paper that you got a B+ on that could work as a good article? Well then NonProphet News is just for you. We are always looking for article submissions from new writers to help give our website a new perspective and bring in additional readers.

If you article is selected, then we will either donate $10 to a charity of your choice or spend $10 advertising your article to help give it a boost in becoming a viral phenomenon. If you would like to donate to NonProphet News to either help out your charity even further or provide a huge boost to your submission, then please donate here to help us continue on our mission.


Submission Guidelines

  • No¬†spelling or grammatical mistakes
  • Interesting Content
  • Must not contain any content that is considered racist, sexist, or discrimination of any kind
  • Must be over 500 words but less than 2,0000
  • No Plagiarism

*Please note, if you article was not selected, this does not mean you are a racist who cannot spell. It could be that we are writing the same article at the moment, and don't want to double up. Please keep on submitting even if you article was not chosen. There is no limit to how many times you can submit a post for review.

If you are having troubles with the form, then please email submissions to npn@nonprophetnews.com

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