What if Trump is trying to get impeached?

Those in The Resistance have been calling for Donald Trump's impeachment since before his inauguration, but what if impeachment is exactly what he wants? Trump has seemingly done everything in his power to escalate the Russian investigation, mobilize his opponents, and publicly attack leaders in his own party who hold the very keys to start the impeachment process.  Trump has now aligned with white supremacists and nationalist militias more than at any point during his campaign, inviting harsh criticism from Republican leaders. Instead of avoiding to anger those leaders who could remove him power, Trump took to twitter this morning to publicly humiliate Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, and criticize their legislative failures.

This begs the question: Does Trump want to be impeached?

It's a scary question because the answer means we should be terrified and preparing for the day Trump is impeached, because there have been a long-line of countries across the world that have been torn to shreds by dictators like him who refuse to step down. Strongmen have made alliances with the military and know how fragile democracy really is. Trump has shown to thrive in chaos and maybe another civil war is exactly what he needs to move the capitol to Alabama and start the Trump Confederacy.

You can take the past couple of weeks of Trump's administration in a couple of different ways. 1) He is the stupidest man on the planet and didn't realize that turning the most dangerous and radical wing of his party against GOP Congressional leaders could result in his removal from office. 2) Trump knows he is going to be impeached and is trying to mobilize the most dangerous and radical wing of his party so he can scream that the they"stole our Presidency" and start another civil war.

The election, and performance in office of Donald Trump, have many serious people using words like “unprecedented”, or phrases like “where in time are we” or “we haven’t been here before”. Commentators and ordinary citizens have been asking how or where in the past we can find parallels for our current condition. Are we engaged, half-wittingly, in a slow suicide as a democracy? Are we engaged in a “cold civil war” where alignment to Democrat or Republican means more than American? Or does it feel like 1859, with so much rhetorical and real violence in the air?

Impeachment might seem like the best solution by getting this tyrant out of office as quickly as possible, but no U.S. President has ever been impeached and removed from office before, and Trump presents some unique risks.

During the 2016 election, Trump insisted, without offering evidence, that the general election has been rigged against him, and during a Presidential debate he twice refused to say that he would accept its result.

“I will look at it at the time,” Mr. Trump said. “I will keep you in suspense.”

Many speculated at the time that Trump didn't event want to win the election and become President, but merely wanted to contest the results and say the election was stolen from him. Media outlets like the CNN wrote articles like: Is Donald Trump's Endgame the Launch of Trump News? These articles theorized that he would contest the results and use the publicity and conservative anger to launch a media takeover of America. These articles were backed up by statements from Trump himself, and the only reason we didn't find out if their predictions came true is that he managed to win (and shockingly still wants an investigation into the results).

If Trump threatened not to accept the election results if he lost, maybe he wouldn't accept impeachment either and use those alliances he's made with Chief of Staff General John Kelly (no relation),  National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, and Defense Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis to tell Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell they are no longer needed. That Congress is no longer needed. Elections are no longer needed.

President Donald Trump’s former campaign advisor and longtime friend, Roger Stone, said on Wednesday that the country would break out in violence reminiscent of the Civil War if the President were to be impeached.

“Try to impeach him, just try it,” Stone continued. “You will have a spasm of violence in this country, and insurrection, like you’ve never seen.” Stone went on to say that he wasn't advocating for violence but rather "predicting it."

This isn't a threat to take lightly given Trump's history of madman tactics and willingness to do anything to try and turn a loss into a win.  Impeachment is necessary to getting this ruthless thug out of power, but how we do it, what happens next, and what microphone we allow Trump to speak out of will change the outcome of where we go from here.

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