Make Donald Trump A Democrat Again

Donald Trump has found himself between a rock and the possibility of impeachment.

77 days into Trump's Presidency, Trump has become historically unpopular with little opportunities to turn around the ship. Not only has the GOP fractured further with his push for quick health care reform, but even his most consequential executive orders are stuck in the courts and imperiled by words.

Furthermore, the Russia election investigation continues to escalate daily and there are already casualties. The fallout has already consumed National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was perhaps Trump’s most dangerous and abnormal key aide. The investigation being mounted by the Senate seems increasingly serious, and Trump’s efforts to mount a counteroffensive — like with his tweet falsely accusing the Obama administration of illegally wiretapping Trump Tower — are backfiring.

Trump's strategy for his campaign was to use these distractions and create louder problems for the click-hungry media to feed off of. However, with Congress currently at "John Boehner levels of gridlock", there is more chance of a government shutdown than sweeping reforms. It might give him a distraction, but not one that Trump wants.

Trump can continue to pass out Executive Orders like candy, but if the courts continue to block him, they will be ineffective at changing the narrative of a failing Presidency and will be certainly a far-cry from the "winning all the time, you will get stick of winning" promise he gave to his supporters.

Trump cannot distract from Russia with more legislative failures and there is little chance of success if he continues touting a strong GOP message whose policies are comically unpopular (19% approval for GOP backed health care plan). To put it bluntly, Trump needs a win if he wants to survive his first-term.

That is why the only direction Trump can go is left. Democrats made modest gains in both the Senate and House of Representatives in 2016 , and for Democratic friendly legislation to pass - it would only require a handful of votes from the GOP's side of the isle. That bipartisan support could come if a Republican President supported some of these proposals and scared representatives from Trump-friendly districts. There are 4 major reasons why it makes sense for Trump to flip sides and start pushing Democratic ideas.

Trump Was a Democrat Before He Was a Republican

"In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat," Trump told CNN's Wolf Blitzer in a 2004 interview. "It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans. Now, it shouldn't be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats. ...But certainly we had some very good economies under Democrats, as well as Republicans. But we've had some pretty bad disaster under the Republicans."

Trump was a Democrat first before he was a Republican Presidential candidate and even supported Hillary Clinton during her Senate run. During the 2016, Trump articulated some economically liberal points that helped him win in the Rust Belt. He promised health care for all, a rejection of the TPP, a restoration of American infrastructure.

If Trump starts abandoning the GOP message for a Democratic one, he can say that this has been his ideas from the beginning and he wouldn't be wrong.

Attacking GOP Fairy Tales Is What Trump Does Best

Trump's rise to success in American politics was largely due to his ability to bludgeon his fellow GOP Presidential contenders with insults, shocking statements, and humor.  Donald Trump would regularly scream into his debate microphone that George W. Bush destabilized the Middle East and that 9/11 happened on his watch. As soon as Donald quickly pointed out that he lost "hundreds of friends" in the World Trade Center and it was Jeb's brother who should accept the blame, the rest of the field called treason.

But it was too late.

Trump lifted the veil on all the Republicans who for 8 years constantly blamed Obama for every terrorist attack that happened in the world, but refused to blame Bush for the largest terrorist attack to happen on American soil. That's how Trump was able to get rural Americans to say "he tells it like it is" because he was willing to stand up and be mean to the people who would later be his allies.  If Trump had the guts to take on these GOP elite politicians with full force again, he would be returning to the strategy that helped him win the nomination.

Trump Voters Want Universal Health Care Too

A focus group Trump Pennsylvania voters in Harrisburg, Penn. were asked a question: Who likes Canada's health insurance system? Who wishes we had something like that?

Half of the hands shot up.

This isn't just a coincidence, but a result of a rising trend. Polling research finds that conservatives just seem to be gravitating more toward the idea of universal coverage. A January poll from the Pew Research Center found the share of Republicans who think the government ought to make sure all Americans have health coverage has increased from 19 percent in March 2016 to 32 percent in January 2017.

Even prominent Trump supporters have joined the "Make Trump a Democrat Again" bandwagon.

On March 14, Newsmax chief executive Chris Ruddy, a friend of Trump's, wrote a piece encouraging the president to pursue universal coverage based on Medicaid rather than the House GOP bill, which would leave millions uninsured.

"Donald Trump staked out the high moral ground by calling for a feasible system of universal healthcare to replace Obamacare," Ruddy wrote. "He shouldn't retreat from that no matter how much the establishment GOP dislikes it."

Late last week, F.H. Buckley, who teaches at George Mason University's Scalia Law School and is part of the academic group Conservatives for Trump, took things a step further.

"That wasn’t what Trump promised, in any event," he wrote in the New York Post of the GOP bill. "What he said he wanted was a plan that would leave no one uninsured."

Trump could stick to a campaign promise, and support a plan that could pass through Congress if a Republican President were to support it.  Not only this would be a win, but it would be one that would be a highlight of his Presidency that otherwise would go down in history as Mussolini - Part 2.

It Would Be Shockingly Easy

Here is the line Trump has to tweet

"Speaker Pee Wee Ryan doesn't have a clue about health care. Let's go with Bernie's plan that Crooked Hillary hated" 

That alone would start a media frenzy not seen since he narrowly defeated Hillary Clinton in the electoral college.  Russia would become the backstory and the new Trump would have the eyes on him, watching what he does next.

What he does next is the easiest part. The attacks have already been laid out and he just needs to add his Trump spin to make them stick. Paul Ryan has accepted a lot of money from Big Pharma. Insurance companies are an unnecessary middle-man. Medical debt is immoral and the GOP plan increases it.

Trump can pick and choose from the Democrat's best lines on how to push back against the draconian Republican healthcare plan. Not only will this work, but it will likely result in improved news coverage for his administration, fewer Democratic attacks, and a wave of serious confusion across Washington on who stands for what and what it means to support President Trump. It will force Republicans across the board to side with the President or their party, and with Trump attacking Republicans with accuracy- the choice will be easy for them.

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