No indictment recommended by the FBI? Jason Chaffetz to the GOP's rescue!

In a shocking/completely expected turn of events, FBI Director James Comey has announced that the bureau does not recommend the Department of Justice to indict Secretary Clinton for her actions surrounding her private email servers/devices. His announcement came with the huge caveat that Clinton and her staffers were "extremely careless" and that any "reasonable person" should have known that such actions were in breach of protocol. Naturally, a decision of no indictment comes much to the chagrin of Republicans hoping to finally deliver a knockout blow to a Clinton after over 20 years of trying. As a result, the House of Representatives has decided that they will call Director Comey to Congress to explain his decision in more detail.


And who better to lead this escapade than the honorable and credible Jason Chaffetz! The Utah Republican is Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the perfect man to lead the questioning of Director Comey. One of his claims to fame is the Planned Parenthood hearings with his amazing chart comparing cancer screenings and abortions. Another is his pseudo-run for Speaker of the House in 2015 in light of John Boehner's departure. Despite the various improprieties of Kevin McCarthy, Chaffetz was unable to gather any real support for his bid. One more is his criticism of the Obama administration's handling of the Benghazi attack and its lack of financial support despite him having voted to cut the funding for embassy security.

All of this may beg the question, why after all this would Chaffetz be the go to man for the GOP to continue the scandal on Hillary Clinton's emails? If they truly wanted to break any new ground on this issue they could, for example, open their own investigation. But in reality, many Republicans acknowledge that and harm that befalls Hillary Clinton's campaign comes almost directly to Donald Trump's benefit. And despite all the huffing and puffing, few things would be worse for the Republican party than to have Trump elected. Of course, it's a bad political move to outright oppose and impede the party's presumptive nominee, but that doesn't mean that GOP representatives have to give it their all to get him elected.

Enter Chaffetz. He allows the GOP to continue bashing Hillary Clinton and send out their fundraising emails, but is in no danger of actually doing anything that will cause any lasting damage on her campaign and thereby making it more likely that Trump wins in November. This keeps the email scandal in the news cycle and annoys the Clinton campaign while also scoring points with the Trump wing of the party. Director Comey is unlikely to drop any revelations or bombshells at the behest of Rep. Chaffetz.

When it comes to Trump, many in the GOP may nod their head yes though they want to say no. It's a fine line to walk between maintaining the appearance of supporting Trump and not getting too close to his campaign as well as decrying the Clinton machine while not doing anything that will have a substantively negative impact on the Democrats' chances of winning in November. Jason Chaffetz, as it turns out, is the perfect man to walk this line.

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