A Vote for Trump is a Vote for the End of the World

Every election season there are millions of Americans following the Presidential race and there are even more who will always say that if the opposing candidate wins the election that the world will implode,  America will break in half, and that they will surely move to Canada.  The end of the world. The Apocalypse. The 2nd coming of Super Hitler.

Claiming that a candidate's presidency is going to spell the end of the world puts you in the repost section of life. They said it for Obama. They said it for Bush. And they are going to keep on saying it. But it seems to me that when people say that about Trump this election cycle, they say it quietly. They say it and the darkness begins to fill their eyes and only terror remains to control their mind's slow drift in realizing their upcoming reality.

Trump is terrifying. Don't be fooled by the fact that his campaign is entertaining. He is a reality tv-star wrapped up in the racist cloth of the GOP base. His suits are nice, but the substance underneath that dead pomeranian on his head is lacking to say the least.

And even though I find his policies deplorable, his statements unpresidential, the thing that I am most terrified of is the 3-Dimensional nuclear chess he is going to have to play the second he repeals the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

Iran would not tolerate repealing the deal and would gladly develop a nuclear bomb to fight this Islamphobic American bigot. Developing a nuclear bomb isn't even difficult.  Nuclear weapons technology was discovered in the 1940s, along with the refrigerator and the washing machine. India, Pakistan, France, the UK, China, South Africa, and North Korea have all figured out nuclear weapons technology a long time ago.  Not only would the repeal of this nuclear agreement put Iran onto the path of a nuclear bomb, bu it would be very difficult to get the full scope of sanctions back onto Iran since it would require France, the UK,  Germany , and the rest of the West to also put back on sanctions, which is something they may not be willing to do given our President is a former WWE wrestling star.  Then we have a weaponized Iran whose economy is now booming because of their Western oil sales.



This could start an arms race in the Middle East where Saudi Arabia develops a bomb to combat Iran's new weapon. Israel would announce its had a nuclear weapon since the 1970s.  Putin would then have to position himself to defend Iran and Trump would have to stand behind Israel and Saudi Arabia. Then we have a situation that looks more like the Cuban Missile Crisis with more celebrity appearances.

The next 8 years are absolutely going to spell conflict throughout the globe that will be riddled with complexities and with little solutions in sight. Climate change forcing many 3rd world countries to migrate to more stable nations who can support the populations. The Middle East will continued to be a blood bath with multiple fronts on multiple conflicts.Food scarcity and food quality will be major issues of concern throughout the globe. And now there is some mosquito in Brazil that is going to make my organs melt.

Donald Trump's loose cannon campaign style cannot translate to being a successful commander-in-chief. The next President is going to have navigate the ship through some tough waters and it can't be Donald Trump. Not only will any repeal of the Iranian Nuclear Deal spell additional chaos in the Middle East, it will also upset fragile international markets that often drops thousands of points because the President sneezed.  The image then of Trump going ahead to ahead with Putin over a nuclear arms race in the Middle East? That alone could collapse the global economy even if it didn't spell nuclear war.

Still think I am wrong? Look at the other Trumps around the world. Muammar Gadaffi, the original Trump of Africa, brought down a civilian airplane over Scotland to make a point. al-Sisi, the new Trump of Africa, arrested the former President and any journalists who supported him, including Al Jazeera journalists. And Putin. Putin has received massive international sanctions that has crippled his economy so he could build more Russian beach resorts in Crimea and then decided to fight ISIS in the Syrian Civil War because he wanted to show he was a tough guy. None of these people are smart men. They are prideful men. All of these Global Trumps did horrible things to their nations in the name of promoting their own self image. Call me crazy, but I am not sure if the world can make it through a full Trump term and that is a Presidency worth voting against.

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