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About Us

In 2016, John Kelly created NonProphet News for one reason and one reason alone: the news has turned into complete and utter horse shit. Instead of websites posting actual news, they have begun using sponsored content to fill up their column inches while sacrificing any journalistic integrity they still had for a couple of hundred dollars. We, on the other hand, promise to never do that.

Each day, we will fill this website with the absolute best stories out there on the internet to keep you informed and to provide an outlet away from the bullshit. When a news story isn't getting covered, or articles out there fall drastically short, we will write our own.  This will not be a liberal or conservative website that caters to one party or candidate.

We serve no corporate interest, no ideology, and no political interest. We are NonProphet News.


John Kelly - FounderJohnny Boy!

John Kelly grew up as a poor child west of the Mississippi with nothing to his name except for a microphone and a tiny soap box.  From a young age, John was angry about the world, and growing up in Arizona, he found a lot to be angry about. Finally, in 2006, he found a life-long friend in Kaushik Goswami, and together they started playing the blues in a bitchin' high school jazz combo called The Blue Quintet. Although the band split up, Kaushik and John continued to talk on Facebook Messenger and complain about the state of the news and how Politico hasn't had a good article since Obama was unpopular. John Kelly also got pretty good grades from NAU and two degrees in Political Science and Economics. John is also a Staff Councilman at University of Colorado Boulder and is currently the Chair of the Sexual Misconduct committee. John fights for women's rights at least 3 times a month.